Image: Yvonne Ng during PR 9

Sound Manipulation

Pure Research 9 – Cathy Nosaty, Laurel MacDonald and Philip Strong

Research focus

To experiment with Ableton Live, a multi-track audio recording software that offers possibilities for immediate manipulation and playback. In what ways can Ableton Live software ‘collect’ voices and sounds from the audience and use them in the performance? How might artists from various disciplines use Ableton Live in ways that might not occur to musicians? Expand use of the software to physical movement, sound creation and storytelling on stage.

Collaborators and credits

Yvonne Ng, Christopher House, Martin Julien, Lee Pui Ming, Jessica Glanfield and University of Toronto graduate students including Dave Deveau, with Nightswimming’s Brian Quirt and Naomi Campbell.

November 11-13, 2006 at the Glen Morris Studio, University of Toronto Centre for the Study of Drama.