Image: Conor Wylie, Victor Mariano, Anne-Sophie Woolnaugh, Sarah Chase in Pure Reseach 18 (Brian Quirt)

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Zahida Rahemtulla smiling at the camera.

Racially Diverse Community Actors Over the Age of 55

By Zahida Rahemtulla –
Examining what meaningful acting programs for racially diverse community actors over the age of 55 could look like

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Screenshot of Unreal Engine platform

Dramaturgies of the Unreal

By Cole Lewis & Patrick Blenkarn –
Exploring the dramaturgical foundations of Unreal Engine and
C++ programming

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Photo of Anne Wessels by Gloria Mok

The Getting Better Part: Gesture Experiments in Stroke and Story

By Anne Wessels –
Investigating how movement, gesture, and physical objects can help an audience understand the effects of stroke

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Photo of Christopher-Elizabeth Boyd strumming a guitar by Em Quenneville.

Controlling the Stage

By Christopher-Elizabeth Boyd –
Exploring giving the audience control of lighting and sound elements using familiar video game controllers

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By Andrew Moodie –
Investigating bias in AI in a performance context

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Mise en Place

By Derek Chan & Alexis Diamond – Examining how to work across common creative languages

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Rehearsal Hall with chairs stacked high and a few mannequins

Casting Subjects

By Rachel Kauder-Nalebuff, Daimaah Mubashshir
& Evan Webber – Interrogating the casting process

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The outside of a white brick building. It says Studio Theatre in front of it

Kinesthetic Performance

By Kate Digby, Erika Batdorf, Alan Macy & Mark-David Hosale – Examining physiological response to performance

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Group of people sitting around a table in a rehearsal hall.

Don’t Spill the Sacrament

By Vanessa Porteous – The powerful impact of silence in the rehearsal hall

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Buddy Wesley, Patti Flather, and Reneltta Arluk sitting around a U-shaped table.

(Not) Our Mother Tongue

By Reneltta Arluk & Patti Flather – Exploring Indigenous languages in performance

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A small group gathered, rehearsing with a red background. There are a few monitors, which are showing various angles of those rehearsing.

Action in Two Media

By Siobhan Richardson & Jade Elliott McRae – Stage combat on stage & film

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Two images next to each other of Natalie Schneck. One, seated with their legs out in front of them, the other they are laying on their back with one leg up.

Discovering Physical Narrative

By Joanna Garfinkel & Natalie Schneck – Creating from unusual / non-narratives sources

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Two people in a rehearsal room, one is in motion the other is not.

Book Table Chair

By Kathryn Ricketts and Ellen Moffat – Performer & visual artist probe text, character, sound & story

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Close up of a camera, with the head of the operator. Someone is in front of the camera, that person is on the screen of the camera.

Acting for Theatre & Camera

By Christine Brubaker – Examining storytelling on stage and on camera

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The Unfettered Singer

By Derek Kwan – Incorporating extreme physical movement into opera

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Dialogue Through Dance

By Gail Lotenberg – Making research more effective in a performance context.

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Life Abstracted

By Nita Bowerman –
Can lived traumas be abstracted without losing emotional resonance?

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Physicality and Text

By Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long –
A re-examination of how we use choreography

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Sprechgesang – Theatre’s Forgotten Instrument

By Susanna Uchatius and James Coomber – Can the player and voice become one?

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Voicing Pain and Suffering

By Mary Walsh –
Can you stab people in the eyes with text?

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The Uses of Additive Light Blending

By David Duclos – Exploring Additive Color Theory in action

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The Worst Thing

By Ruth Howard – Performing the worst thing that has ever happened to someone

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The Unsuspecting Audience

By Moynan King and Sherri Hay – When does ‘the public’ become an audience? Taking Pure Research out of the theatre…

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Kinesthetic Transference in Performance

By Erika Batdorf – Increasing the ability of dancers and physical actors to ‘move’ an audience

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The Choral Revolution

By Rebecca Singh and Nick Carpenter – What role can a chorus play in non-classical theatre?

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The Box

By Camellia Koo –
Experimenting with a huge box as a barrier between performer and audience

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Sound Manipulation

By Cathy Nosaty, Laurel MacDonald & Philip Strong – Experiments with Ableton Live audio software

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The Invitation

By Moynan King and Sherri Hay – Exploring the role of the audience in theatre, through costume and community

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Theatre of Illumination

By Anne Barber & Brad Harley – Drawing on Christian Boltans’ work to create theatrical structure

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Theatre in Music

By Nick Fraser & Justin Haynes – The theatre of musical performance when not playing an instrument

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Hello! Sound, Voice & Connection

By Heather Nichol –
Exploring sound and resonance with objects

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On Comedy

By Lois Brown and Elizabeth Pickard –
Experimenting with comic structures

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The Land Between Speaking & Singing

By Guillaume Bernardi – Investigating the transition between speaking and singing

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Beneath the Poetry: Magic Not Meaning

By Kate Hennig –
Exploring the performer’s connection with text

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Voice, Music and Narrative

By Martin Julien – What exactly can sung music communicate in a theatrical context?

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