Image: UofT’s Luella Massey Studio Theatre

Kinesthetic Performance

Pure Research 28 – Kate Digby, Erika Batdorf, Alan Macy & Mark-David Hosale

Research focus

Is there a measurable difference in the impact on the audience’s physiology, specifically heart rate, eccrine response, and/or micro-facial movements, when the audience witnesses a performance that integrates interoceptive awareness (understood according to the practice of The Batdorf Technique), versus the same performance material without the integration of interoceptive awareness? (See PR / 12 for an earlier exploration of these techniques by Erika and Kate.)

Collaborators and credits

Six actors, plus 38 volunteers who agreed to have their responses measured during the experiment; with Nightswimming’s Brian Quirt, Brittany Ryan and producing intern Olivia Shortt.

Luella Massey Studio Theatre, University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, October 23-25, 2019.