Image: The company of Action in Two Media (Brian Quirt)

Action in Two Media

Pure Research 25 – Siobhan Richardson and Jade Elliott McRae

Research focus

Under what circumstances can we perform the illusion of violence for two media simultaneously – theatre and livestream broadcast – maintaining complete believability for both audiences? The two media achieve the illusion of violence using different techniques, to two very different audiences, seemingly mutually exclusive. The goal of this research is to test strategies to perform for both media simultaneously.

Collaborators and credits

Alice Cavanagh, Andrew Hodwitz, Abanoub Andraous, Ilan Waldman, Afton Rentz, Tyler Séguin, Timmy Bender, Jareth Li, Louis Li, Aaron Rota, Chris Sutherland, Tiffany Yaw, Gayle Ye, with Nightswimming’s Brian Quirt and Brittany Ryan.

Luella Massey Studio Theatre, University of Toronto Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies, October 23-25, 2018.

A rehearsal hall shot from above. There are two people sword fighting, and many others watching around filming equipment
Alice Cavanagh & Siobhan Richardson rehearsing with swords and shields. There are a few monitors, which are showing various angles of them.