Image: Justine Chambers, Michael Trent, Mike Moore, Heidi Strauss, Michael Sean Marye, Ron Stewart (John Lauener)

Past Projects

Anita Majumdar squatting with their knees wide, pointing to the left with one hand and the other hand is on their knee

The Fish Eyes Trilogy

By Anita Majumdar – Three linked stories combining Bollywood dance, hip hop and high school

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Anthony Malarky and Anita Majumdar in front of a grey background. Anthony is waving a white scarf and Anita is standing in front of Anthony

Same Same But Different

By Anita Majumdar – Bollywood film & dance collides with shadism & gender politics

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Close up of Carmen Aguirre’s face in side profile

Blue Box

By Carmen Aguirre – An intimate tale of revolution, sex, geopolitics and love in Chile & Canada

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Tracey Ferencz, Paul Rainville and Kris Joseph all standing onstage, with their glasses raised to the audience.

Whispering Pines

By Richard Sanger – Three friends confront the betrayals that tore them apart in 1980s East Berlin

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Close up of Maria Vacratsis and Michaela Washburn in front of a fence looking forward

Such Creatures

By Judith Thompson – The bravery of a Métis teen and an Auschwitz prisoner intersect across time and culture

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A group of people in a circle, some are seated but the rest are standing. Their bodies are translucent, so a textured wall can be seem

Blue Note

By Martin Julien & Brian Quirt – An exploration of grief as a vocal ensemble rehearses after the death of one of its singers

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Michael Trent and Ray Hogg standing with their arms out, one is standing in front of the other, both are facing forward

the betrayal project

By Julia Sasso – Living, loving & leaving are explored through dance, sound and space

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Close up of Sanjay Talwar and Anita Majumdar on stage. Anita is wearing red, Sanjay is wearing blue

Bombay Black

By Anosh Irani – A dancer, her mother & a blind man collide as their brutal past comes to light

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Three people on stage, with blue light on the floor. One is sitting on their heels, facing the front. One is standing on a wooden dock facing forward. The other is standing on a different wooden dock, with their back to the front.

Lake Nora Arms

By Jane Miller & Brian Quirt – An a cappella musical about Ontario’s cottage country

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Andy Massingham standing on a chair, one leg is straight out, both arms are also out

Rough House

By Andy Massingham – A comic, wordless duet between actor & a single lightbulb haunting him

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A group of people in movement. Some are seated on the floor, others are standing. They are all connected, by their arms. It’s in black and white.


By Julia Sasso – A contemporary dance piece shifting the many layers of beauty and bodies

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Four people in the foreground around a table looking at a large sheet of paper. One person in the background, watching them.

An Acre of Time

By Jason Sherman – A moving play based on the deep and rich history of a single acre of land

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Martin Julien and Tracey Ferencz embracing and staring at each other

The Whirlpool

By Brian Quirt – Through dance and theatre, five lives become entangled by the dangerous Niagara River whirlpool

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Patrick Conner and Tracey Ferencz holding Brenda Bazinet. All are on the floor, with period costumes on.

The Death of General Wolfe

By Brian Quirt – Two women separated by time yet connected by grief & the famous painting of Wolfe’s death

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Richard McMillan with their right arm raised, in speech. The background is dark.

Through the Eyes

By Don Druick – A play about seeing and not seeing, told through the sculptor Bernini’s visit to Paris in 1665

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