Image: Michelle St. John & Hussein Janmohamed leading Why We Are Here! (Brian Quirt)

Current Projects

A group of people dancing with Carmen Aguirre facing, leading them. In a darkened room.

Broken Tailbone

By Carmen Aguirre – Carmen teaches the audience to salsa as she explores Latinx music, dance, politics & culture

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Close up of Jani Lauzon with their hand on their forehead, eyes closed. Projected, are clouds in the sky.

Prophecy Fog

By Jani Lauzon – A voyage to Mojave Desert’s Giant Rock engages with Indigenous prophecies and storytelling

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Jane Miller seated in front of a piano, their eyes are closed and right arm is leaning on the piano.

These Are The Songs That I Sing When I’m Sad

By Jane Miller & Brian Quirt – Singer and audience explore the sad songs they turn to

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A circle of people, some with their hand raised. They are standing in a courtyard.

Why We Are Here!

By Martin Julien & Brian Quirt – The audience becomes a choir & explores their city through song

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Kristian Messere laying stomach down on the floor, with all limbs raised behind them

City of Wine

By Ned Dickens – A seven-play cycle re-imagining the epic story of the Greek city of Thebes

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