Image: Why We Are Here! on tour in Calgary (Elyse Bouvier)

Our Supporters

Nightswimming is grateful for the generous support of the following individuals and organizations.

$5000 +
Connor, Clark & Lunn Foundation; Metcalf Foundation; The Northpine Foundation; Ottawa Community Foundation; Toronto Arts Foundation

$2000 +
S.M. Blair Family Foundation; Mitchell Cohen, Bidyut & Pat Majumdar, Warren Stoddart 

$1000 +
Natasha Mytnowych, Brian Quirt

$500 +
Bill & Lorna Anderson, Faye Armstrong & Richard Michaelides, Naomi Campbell, Jane Miller, Katie Pounder, Geoffrey Proehl, Chanrouti Ramnarine, Michael Trent, Nancy Webster

$200 +
Malcom Burrows & Barbara Dick, Kenneth Cerniglia, Don Druick, DD Kugler, Andy Lunney, Heather McMartin, Lisa Rapoport, Colin Rivers, Brittany Ryan

$100 +
Vikki Anderson, Rachel Barreca, Brian Beirne, Liz Engelman, Barbara Fingerote, John Fletcher, Leslie Haller, Linda Keyworth, Jani Lauzon, Craig Morash, Heinar Piller, Toby Sanger, Rupal Shah, Robert Sirman, Kathy St. John, Ray & Jane St. John, Victoria Steele, Gay Toscano, Nick Tracey, Asha Vijayasingham

Up to $100
Pedro Chamale, Stephen Colella, Sunny Drake, Karen Hines, Megan Johnson, Stacey Norton, Mieko Ouchi, Soheil Parsa, Teresa Przybylski, Christine Quintana, Lynn Slotkin, Cynthia SoRelle, Gay Toscano, Paul Walsh

Connor, Clark & Lunn Foundation
Ottawa Community Foundation
Toronto Arts Foundation
S.M. Blair Family Foundation

Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

This list reflects annual donations made from August 1, 2021 to October 25, 2022. If you believe there is an error or omission, please contact our Producer Gloria Mok at