Commissioning and developing new works of theatre, music and dance

Explore our approaches to creative process, performance research and dramaturgy

Image: Neema Bickersteth, Jane Miller, and Thom Allison in The Wolf in the Voice (Prerana Das)

Nightswimming focuses on the dramaturgy of each new work, designing the ideal environment with artists to develop their work as they wish, over as long as they need, and with the collaborators they want.

What’s New

A Girl Has No Gym

Image: Carmen Aguirre in Broken Tailbone (Collins Maina)

Nightswimming brings each of our projects to the stage in partnership with producing companies and presenters throughout Canada to ensure that the artists we commission share their stories to the broadest possible audience.

Image: Why We Are Here! (Erin Brubacher)

Nightswimming conducts ground-breaking performance research with artists from across Canada. Our Pure Research program is central to our commitment to advancing dramaturgy and performance creation in Canada.